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Let's get acquainted!
Welcome to Whimsey Square 
We are not your ordinary on-line quilt shop ~
In fact, our growing collection of original quilt patterns, Tea Books, Bow Tie Bags, ChatterBlocks and Ding-a-Lings (soon to appear!) is nothing short of extraordinary!  Quilting has always been a blend of beauty and usefullness.  Whimsey Square Quilts has just taken it to the next level, so you can too!
Our version of the classic Square and Compass quilt finally gives you a way to organize the widest variety of your stash fabrics into a stunning work of art. Laser cut metal templates, planning guides and detailed instructions guarantee your success!
Our motto "no piece of fabric left behind' takes on special meaning in our ChatterBlocks quilt - made entirely of otherwise discarded selvedges! Like Square and Compass, each scrap in your stash will find a home in this colorful, geometric, set on point String Quilt. And our Tea Books are another thing altogether...pairing some of the latest and most beautiful fabrics available, these kits will help you create a beautiful and very useful little "book" to carry your favorite teas with you - to work, to play, wherever you go! 
"Maybe the closest thing to the perfect little project". So much so, that Quilt Trends Magazine has featured Tea Books in their fall issue weekend project section!
Whimsey (Whimsy) def. a capricious idea or notion, light or fanciful humor, something quaint or unusual.  Now a little about us...